Recording Tonight

Sitting in the studio, waiting for the computer to decide if it would like to work or not this evening. Its 4:15 in the morning, I hope it makes up its mind quickly. Through fighting with the computer and yelling at the ceiling when its decided it wants to crash, I hit a breakthrough. Tonight was the first time in a long long while that I have been so moved by the music I’m making that it genuinely felt like I was in another place. Like I had morphed to another stratosphere. We’ve all been there. Those moments when we’ve stood at the edge of the ocean and been so overtaken by beauty that our soul feels as if it joins in a symphony with the rest of the planet. Or that moment when we experience our first kiss and it feels like you’ve left the ground. I felt one of those moments tonight. Sometimes as an artist, you have to just create. Sometimes you’re inspired, sometimes you just trust your instincts and it flows out, even when you don’t feel like any brilliance is on the horizon. Tonight was unlike any other night, just trudging along, doing the only thing I know I was born to do. And it fell like lighting to my chest. I think whether we’re artists or not, we all long for those moments when we feel as if we’re partaking in something bigger than ourselves. I think its in our nature. Tonight I had one of those moments and I can’t wait to share the results. Thanks for listening to my thoughts.