Writing, recording

just completely re-wrote a song, from top to bottom, at 3AM. Feeling great about it. It was an old one that I wrote in 20 or 30 minutes anyway, so it needed some editing. The EP is coming along. I’ve almost got the first batch of 5 or so songs done, and I’m in the middle of about 10 more. I’ve got some great artists on some of these songs singing and playing with me, so I can’t wait to share them! After I put these to bed, I’m gonna get to work on a Christmas record. Christmas is my fav fav fav time of year (Besides summer), and I wrote a bunch of cool Holiday tunes last year, so I’m pretty excited about it! I’m hoping I can make a full length Christmas record, mostly of originals, but def a 2 or 3 classics sprinkled in there.

This week has been good, been hard at work. I feel like I’ve finally hit a good rhythm here in Los Angeles. Besides writing and recording for my own record, I’ve been hard at work writing pop tunes with other people around town. Some of these new tunes are BANANAS! I hope they land somewhere.

I didn’t have too much to write tonight, just thought I’d say blog a bit and share some thoughts. i’ll have some new tunes up on myspace in the coming weeks. And I think I’m going to launch a kickstarter campaign to raise some capitol to get the record finished up and sounding spectacular. 

Yogurtland is my new obsession, see below.