Rick Seibold


Rick Seibold is a Dove Award nominated producer, songwriter, recording artist and composer based in Los Angeles, CA. His most recent notable collaborations include multiple chart-topping #1 Billboard albums, including Bethel Music’s “Have it All” and “Star-Light”. His songs have been heard in dozens of television shows and films, including the UFC, “Bates Motel”, and “Transparent”, and in ads for AT&T, Ford and Reebok. As a solo artist, he’s had multiple albums chart on iTunes, including his debut EP, “That’s the Day”, which reached the top 5. His most recent notable co-written songs include “Glory to Glory” from Bethel Music and “Proud" by Influence Music. As an educator and advocate for creatives, he is helping artists navigate the brave new world of the modern music industry through his online courses and lectures at colleges and songwriting seminars across the globe.



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Located just south of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, CA, "The Ranch" features an array of vintage instruments and equipment, perfect for live recording, scoring, vocals, sound design and mixing.



This is my first masterclass where I'm taking the exact techniques I have taught and implemented to make a full time living as a musician and showing you exactly what I do, and what I wish I had known when I was starting out. I hold nothing back in this curriculum. If you work hard at this, and implement the tools I'm sharing with you, you will no doubt have the tools to land your songs on TV and Film.