Heather Braverman releases single 'Take it Off'

My friend Heather Braverman released a song I co-wrote and produced called 'Take it Off'. Check it out on iTunes and Spotify now! It premieres today on popmania.com!

Mar 08



We’re so excited to introduce you all to your NEW girl crush, singer Heather Braverman! We recently got the opportunity to chat exclusively with Heather all about her new music and it was seriously everything. Not only is this babe so talented, she’s also awesome. We guarantee you’re about to become obsessed with Heather’s new song!

Popmania: Tell us about your new single, “Take It Off.”
HB: I’m really pumped to be releasing music. I think it’s super easy for everyone to get wrapped up in the world and not take a second to relax, let go, and appreciate where they are. This song is about letting those moments happen because it feels so good to take off your worries for a minute.

Popmania: If you could record a “Take It Off” remix with any artist, who would it be and why?
HB: Can Nick Jonas please sing a verse? I would seriously not be opposed to that!! I’m really into his music. Jo Bros forever. I would either do a remix with him or an artist named Jon Bellion. He breaks rules in his songs and it’s epic.

Popmania: Are there any surprises on the EP that fans can look forward to?
HB: Honestly I think the whole EP is a surprise. It was so entertaining for me to make because I never knew where the music was going to take me. It was all an exploration for me and I think that comes across. Also me rapping will most likely make everyone surprised. Love that.

Can’t get enough of Heather’s new song?! Check it out on Spotify and iTunes! Don’t forget to cyber stalk your newest girl crush on Twitter and Instagram.