"Going Out Tonight" in Starz Classic Westerns Promo

My band, 3 One Oh’s song “Going Out Tonight” is airing in a new promo for Starz Classic Westerns all this month. Check it out!

Starz Classic Westerns 3 One Oh Going Out Tonight Rick Seibold Shari Short Andrew Burns 1.png


Na na na na na  

Don’t be fooled if my lips ain’t moving

Talking with hips tonight  

Gonna get down little bang bang boogie

Gonna cross all the lines  

I'm feeling bad bad bad bad so bad  

I'm feeling bad bad bad bad so bad  

I'm Going out tonight  

Wearing something tight  

Gonna have some fun

Show you how it’s done  

Going out tonight  

Na na na na na  

Grab your friends gonna start some trouble

We’re gonna do what we like  

Don't tell the preacher and don’t tell your mother

It's gonna get a little wild