Summer and CMA Week

To start off, this blog is sponsored by whole foods

supplier of the best gelato west of italy in all the world, of which I have consumed entirely too much already this summer.

The Last few weeks have been awesome… a few shows, a few cookouts, a lot of fun in the sun. I’m getting excited because my next record is beginning to take shape. I’ve got the songs set, I hope to begin tracking in a month or so. I figured out how to you tube stuff with my new mac book pro, so I’m gonna start putting videos up of new songs :0) check it at Tennessee is starting to get hot this time of year, which makes me miss the beach. I grew up in Wilmington, NC and lived every summer on Wrightsville Beach. When it got hot, you got in the ocean. In Tennessee when it gets hot, you go inside, which isn’t as much fun. I need friends with swimming pools. If anyone wants to share, let me know. It has been nice to slow down a bit in the last few weeks and spend time with good friends. I’ve been pretty busy the last 6 months or so with the release of my record. My cousin who I haven’t talked to in a couple of years texts me and tells me my picture is in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine in and article on Nashville Songwriters, right next to Taylor Swift, Rivers Rutherford, and Hillary Lindsey, which I had no idea about. So if you’re on a flight this month, grab me a copy cause I want to see it :0) I’m guess I’m just rambling on now. Hope you all are well and in good spirit.