"My Best" Lyrics/Chords

Here are the tabs and chords for ‘My Best’ -the tab is from memory, so let me know if it isn’t right. I ususally tune my guitar down a whole step to play this song, but it may have been in standard tuning or down just a half step. Have fun :0)
F C Am G/B, F C G
The radio’s playing our favorite song
The one’s we used to along
But your silence is telling me that something’s wrong
Not sure what you’re gonna say
Doesn’t matter anyway
We’ve been putting off this talk now for days
There were too many stars to align
Took too much to make it right
But you can’t say I never tried
F C G (3x), F C Am G/B, F G
I gave you my best
Cause its all that I had
I guess its too much
To ask for that back
I gave you my best
Cause I needed all that you had
I gave you my heart
Now please give it back
Sometime you pray for the skies to clear
But the clouds just need to shed some tears
So pardon me while I take a little time
And I’m not surprised your eyes are dry
While on love’s cross I’m crucified
All I wanted was for you to try
Am C F G (2x) Am Dm G E, Am C G
If you say that you tried, you just lied to yourself…