Elle.com Performance with Rebecca Black

I recently performed with Rebecca Black in support of her new music on Elle.com. Check out her mashup of a few tunes here!


AUG 17, 2016 

Don't pretend you don't know who Rebecca Black is.

Can you believe it's been five years since "Friday" crept into your brain, never—ever—to leave? The so-bad-it's-good song made its way inextricably into pop culture history (and millennial trivia questions), defining the zeitgeist so much that the Glee cast and Stephen Colbert both covered the infernally catchy ditty.

Instead of reacting to the attention by folding up into a playing-card-sized shadow of her former self, Black had the humor and wherewithal to wink at her internet fame. Remember "Saturday"? And her Snapchat handle? "itsfridaybitch." A round of applause, please.

Our favorite weekend-harbinger made something special for ELLE.com: a mash-up of some of the biggest pop songs going around. See if you can figure out which tunes the viral vocalist has thrown into the mix—and stick around for a little throwback surprise...

Stay tuned for another update, coming soon from the YouTube star here at ELLE.com. In the meantime, catch up with Rebecca here.