Boston Globe Article

The Boston Globe recently did a write up of the songs I recently wrote with artist Rebecca Black.

"The night’s one guest whose online rise came via original material was Rebecca Blackwhose 2011 single “Friday,” with its extended vowel sounds and shout-outs to cereal, became a hit in spite of itself, racking up shares through a phenomenon not so dissimilar to “This milk is so sour! Taste it!”

Black, who now posts videos about her everyday on YouTube, has matured into a cheerful performer with aspirations toward a post-“Friday” pop career. The two new tracks she performed Thursday offered a glimpse at her maturation, with moody chord changes and on-trend gang vocals that she cheerfully yet forcefully directed the crowd to sing. Her brief set didn’t include “Friday,” which made sense: What 18-year-old wants to be reminded of the awkward years? Besides, given her digital-native status, Black probably is keenly aware that the “five years since ‘Friday’ ” retrospectives will come soon enough."