Theme Song for MTV's "Are You The One: Second Chances"

I recently did the theme song for MTV's brand new dating reality show, "Are You The One: Second Chances"! 


"On March 22, 2017, a spin-off show titled Are You The One: Second Chances will premiere. 10 perfect matches from previous seasons will return, and the guy/gal teams will compete in a litany of games designed to test the strength of their bonds. Each week, the victors will be rewarded with cash, and one perfect match will be sent packing until the sole perfect match remains."

Gracie Schram release HIts #2 on iTunes

Gracie Schram lands at the #2 spot on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts with her new EP entitled "Dear Fall". We co-wrote the first song on the EP called "Anywhere You Go", which I also produced.


Gracie Schram Releases New EP on September 30th
New collection of songs produced by Brad Corrigan (Dispatch) and Rick Seibold


NASHVILLE, TN— Singer/songwriter Gracie Schram will release her new EP Dear Fall on September 30, 2016. The EP is a collection of four wistful, beautiful melodies that showcase her vulnerability and soulful vocals. Dear Fall features music produced by Brad Corrigan of the band Dispatch, as well as Rick Seibold.  

“Gracie is a lightning rod of joy and creativity and her songs are all drenched in real and tangible hope,” said Corrigan. “She is a young, strong voice of leadership and grace that the world so desperately needs today!”

Dear Fall is the latest accomplishment in Gracie’s impressive and purposeful music career, which has included opening for American Idol star David Archuleta, as well as performing opening acts for Ingrid Michaelson, Lauren Alaina and Crystal Bowersox. In addition, Gracie has played a number of significant music festivals, including SXSW and CMA Fest. Her debut studio album I Am Me was produced by Grammy-award winner Charlie Peacock (The Civil Wars, Kris Allen, Lone Bellow, Switchfoot) and released in 2015 while Gracie was still in high school.

 “Dear Fall is deeply personal. It’s the story of my experience as I’ve prepared to transition to a new chapter. I couldn’t be more excited to share these songs with my fans,” said Schram. “My hope is that Dear Fall will help inspire, comfort and encourage everyone who listens."

The release coincides with the launch of Gracie’s new The updated site features the latest tour dates, videos, photos and blog content. 

Dear Fall will be available for purchase on September 30, 2016. The same evening, Gracie will perform a live show on @CokeMusic’s Periscope channel. To learn more about Dear Fall, visit Gracie’s blog, where she shares a behind the scenes look at the EP and exclusive content.


1. Anywhere You Go*

2. Walls

3. You Are My Sunshine

4. Don’t Cry Lullaby (From Ileana’s Smile Soundtrack)

Produced by Brad Corrigan

*Produced by Rick Seibold


About Gracie Schram: Singer/songwriter Gracie Schram is already a music industry veteran. Since releasing her debut album at the age of 10, Gracie has continued to create and record music while developing her signature indie-pop sound that combines soulful vocals with subtle but powerful acoustics and soaring harmonies. Her last album, I Am Me, produced by Charlie Peacock (The Civil Wars, Kris Allen, Lone Bellow, Switchfoot) made it to the top 10 in the singer-songwriter category on iTunes during its release week. Songs from the album were shared across the country and overseas. Gracie’s latest release, Dear Fall, showcases her maturity and skillful storytelling as she shares captivating melodies about transformation, love, partnership and freedom. 


Gracie has toured with David Archuleta and opened for artists including Ingrid Michaelson, Lauren Alaina and Crystal Bowersox. She has performed at numerous music festivals including SXSW, CMA Fest, Middle of the Map Fest and Summerfest. In addition, she frequently performs the national anthem at NFL, MLB, NASCAR and MLS games. 

Gracie’s career is firmly rooted in her humanitarian spirit. Since her debut albumShowers from God was released, she has given a portion of the proceeds from her music to philanthropic causes, amounting to more than $40,000 to date. Her music has funded the construction of an orphanage in Haiti and two tilapia ponds in South Africa and Malawi. In addition, Gracie is the winner of the prestigious Coca-Cola scholarship recognizing seniors in high school for their ability to lead and serve. 

Now a freshman at Belmont University, it is Gracie’s hope that her songs and story will empower people to make a positive change in the world around them. Performance with Rebecca Black

I recently performed with Rebecca Black in support of her new music on Check out her mashup of a few tunes here!


AUG 17, 2016 

Don't pretend you don't know who Rebecca Black is.

Can you believe it's been five years since "Friday" crept into your brain, never—ever—to leave? The so-bad-it's-good song made its way inextricably into pop culture history (and millennial trivia questions), defining the zeitgeist so much that the Glee cast and Stephen Colbert both covered the infernally catchy ditty.

Instead of reacting to the attention by folding up into a playing-card-sized shadow of her former self, Black had the humor and wherewithal to wink at her internet fame. Remember "Saturday"? And her Snapchat handle? "itsfridaybitch." A round of applause, please.

Our favorite weekend-harbinger made something special for a mash-up of some of the biggest pop songs going around. See if you can figure out which tunes the viral vocalist has thrown into the mix—and stick around for a little throwback surprise...

Stay tuned for another update, coming soon from the YouTube star here at In the meantime, catch up with Rebecca here.

Bethel Album hits #1 on iTunes, "Glory to Glory" hits top 20!

After nearly a decade of writing and producing, I have my first #1! Bethel Music's latest album, "Have it All" was just released this week, and among all of the thousands of amazing albums on iTunes, this week it stands at the top. I co-wrote the last song on the album, "Glory to Glory" with William Matthews and Lauren Evans, which also reached #20 on the Christian & Gospel singles chart this week. Download it now on iTunes!

Heather Braverman releases single 'Take it Off'

My friend Heather Braverman released a song I co-wrote and produced called 'Take it Off'. Check it out on iTunes and Spotify now! It premieres today on!

Mar 08



We’re so excited to introduce you all to your NEW girl crush, singer Heather Braverman! We recently got the opportunity to chat exclusively with Heather all about her new music and it was seriously everything. Not only is this babe so talented, she’s also awesome. We guarantee you’re about to become obsessed with Heather’s new song!

Popmania: Tell us about your new single, “Take It Off.”
HB: I’m really pumped to be releasing music. I think it’s super easy for everyone to get wrapped up in the world and not take a second to relax, let go, and appreciate where they are. This song is about letting those moments happen because it feels so good to take off your worries for a minute.

Popmania: If you could record a “Take It Off” remix with any artist, who would it be and why?
HB: Can Nick Jonas please sing a verse? I would seriously not be opposed to that!! I’m really into his music. Jo Bros forever. I would either do a remix with him or an artist named Jon Bellion. He breaks rules in his songs and it’s epic.

Popmania: Are there any surprises on the EP that fans can look forward to?
HB: Honestly I think the whole EP is a surprise. It was so entertaining for me to make because I never knew where the music was going to take me. It was all an exploration for me and I think that comes across. Also me rapping will most likely make everyone surprised. Love that.

Can’t get enough of Heather’s new song?! Check it out on Spotify and iTunes! Don’t forget to cyber stalk your newest girl crush on Twitter and Instagram.

Entertainment Weekly premieres Bates Motel Season 4 Promo

I recently did the music for the Bates Motel Season 4 season premiere promo. I co-wrote the song with the talented singer/songwriter Rivvrs. Check it out!

Bates Motel

Posted February 11 2016 — 12:48 PM EST

For three seasons, Bates Motel fans have watched Norman Bates’ slow descent into psychosis. But when the A&E drama returns March 7, the character will chart some disturbing new depths, at least when it comes to his tendency to inhabit the character of “Mother.” For the first time, he’s dressing like his mother with his mother, their matching robes a sign that the lines between real life and Norman’s fractured psyche are blurring. EW has an exclusive first look at the moment.

“That image of them looking at their reflections, I think what she sees is that her dreams have indeed become a nightmare,” says actress Vera Farmiga, adding that Norma’s fear of her son is going to spur her into action this season and cause her to realize that, “Maybe the truth is that Norman is an actual impediment to her happiness.

“The only reason she is not achieving her goals is looking back at her,” Farmiga says of the photo. “I think that she realizes there are only a couple mistakes that one can make along the road to truth: Not starting, and not going all the way. I think she’s going to go all the way.”

Of course, Norman is seeing something entirely different, which is another theme of the season. “This season you’re really going to see that they totally are in disagreement in terms of what the truth of the matter is,” Farmiga says. ”I think Norman perceives it in a very different way. What’s so fascinating to watch about them is this enormous push and pull of a love affair that they have as mother and son.” 

And for Norma, she has to learn that “the truth may hurt for a little while whereas lies hurt her forever,” Farmiga says. “Above all this season I think what’s going to be different about her is that she’s going to be doing what she knows to be right instead of what she’s convinced herself to be right.” After all, there’s a “price that we all pay for keeping secrets,” she says.

For the first time, fans could see Norma putting herself before her son. “For Norma, this year is really about loving herself enough to do everything it takes for her to achieve integrity,” Farmiga says. “There’s going to be a lot of emotion, a lot of libido, a lot of strife. She’s whipping herself into a new gear this year and it’s going to be very exciting to watch. I’m so delighted to present this season to the fans. I think it’s going to be a big one.” 

Boston Globe Article

The Boston Globe recently did a write up of the songs I recently wrote with artist Rebecca Black.

"The night’s one guest whose online rise came via original material was Rebecca Blackwhose 2011 single “Friday,” with its extended vowel sounds and shout-outs to cereal, became a hit in spite of itself, racking up shares through a phenomenon not so dissimilar to “This milk is so sour! Taste it!”

Black, who now posts videos about her everyday on YouTube, has matured into a cheerful performer with aspirations toward a post-“Friday” pop career. The two new tracks she performed Thursday offered a glimpse at her maturation, with moody chord changes and on-trend gang vocals that she cheerfully yet forcefully directed the crowd to sing. Her brief set didn’t include “Friday,” which made sense: What 18-year-old wants to be reminded of the awkward years? Besides, given her digital-native status, Black probably is keenly aware that the “five years since ‘Friday’ ” retrospectives will come soon enough."